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The Wonders Of God

Read Genesis 1:1-28

Maria Cristina Olivares Guzman, is from Bogota, Colombia. A few years ago, to mitigate the pain of losing her father, Maria took up painting classes at her church. She did it as a diversion, really. But God knows exactly why and how such circumstances work to benefit our lives.

When Maria started painting, she learned to take a closer look at all of creation. What joy! She was in awe of the majestic mountains, flowing rivers, and robust forests. Added to this joy was taking a painting class with wonderful people in a setting of fellowship and friendship.

God created all the wonders that surround us and placed them in our care for us to enjoy. As children of God, it is most fitting to praise the Creator with grateful hearts.

Prayer: Creator of heaven and earth, we praise you for your immense generosity to place all your creation under our stewardship. Teach us to be more grateful and to fulfill our commitment to care for all you have entrusted to us, in Jesus' name. Amen.


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