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"Know That You Are Welcome here at
First United Methodist Church of Gulfport!"

  Gulfport is a waterfront village/city surrounded by St. Petersburg, Florida.  We have national award-winning restaurants, beaches, and shops.  Some are pretty "funky" and adhere to the jesting slogan; "keep Gulfport Weird."  Yet were not weird at all (except perhaps, for a few days each year for some homegrown events and festivals like "Gecko Fest" in September).  You'll just have to come and see for yourself.

  Our Church is in the heart of Gulfport, Florida several blocks from the water.  Our congregation is 110 years old.  We were the first and largest Church in Gulfport, yet we are small enough to still have that hometown, friendly, family atmosphere.  In the winter we welcome a large number of winter residents (those famous snowbirds) many of which have been with us each winter for years.  We truly look forward to welcoming them back each season.  It is always good to see old friends.

  As for myself, I am Rev. Jacob Park, who is a provisional elder of the Florida Conference of United Methodist Church. I am now the pastor of this friendly and welcoming church and I've been privileged to serve this community since July 2019.  In my journey of ministry, I served two churches in South Korea as an education pastor for 10 years and three churches in the U.S. for 8 years. I also have the privilege to participate in and lead international mission trips to 27 countries. It was a great honor to experience God's world and people. 

I earned a master of Social Work degree and a Master of Divinity in South Korea. I also had a great chance to earn another Master of divinity degree at Garrett-Evangelical Theological seminary in 2015. Through the experience of the seminaries in two different countries, I was able to widen my perspective on God and God's people.
  It is an honor to serve First United Methodist Church of Gulfport, Fl and my congregation welcome everyone.


Hope and peace,
Pastor Jacob Park

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