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United Methodist Men

Helping Men Grown in Christ,

So Others May Know Christ 

Our mission is to involve men in a growing relationship

with Jesus Christ and his church, and provide resources

and support for programs of evangelism, stewardship,

and the needs of men.


Our goal is to empower the ministry of Jesus Christ through men within the congregations of the UMC.


Our pathway is a lifelong commitment to spiritual growth to maturity as Christ followers. Our spiritual formation is marked by spiritual reproduction, as our faith passes on in others.

Our Men's Ministry meets on the third Saturday of every month  at 8am, from September through June, for a breakfast followed by a short program; and then perform various odd-jobs around the church. During the meetings we strive to encourage knowledge of and support for the total mission of the UMC. We make an effort to engage in sharing the fullness of the gospel in its personal and social aspects.  For more information, please feel free to contact the Church Office at (727) 321-3620.

In addition to monthly meetings, the UMM sponsors a Fourth of July picnic each year. Everyone is invited to this free pot-luck BBQ.

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