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Childlike Faith

Read 1 Samuel 17:32-37; 45-50 - the story of David and Goliath

I tell you as seriously as I know how that anyone who refuses to come to God as a little child will never be allowed into his Kingdom. Mark 10:15 (TLB)

David E. Hedrick lives in Georgia. Eli was four years old and learning to swim. He could cross the shallow end of the pool with ease, but he had been afraid of swimming across the deep end. Then in one swim lesson, Eli did it.

As they were walking up to the house, David encouraged him about his monumental accomplishment. David asked him, "How did you do it?" Without hesitation, Eli said, "God helped me." David thought, If only my first thought would be, "God helped me," when I face huge challenges in my life! Where would I be in my walk with God?

Jesus loved children for their simple faith. They were willing to climb up into his arms and rest, knowing that Jesus loved and protected them. God's power is made perfect in childlike faith. David demonstrated childlike faith when he used a stone from the creek to slay Goliath. (See 1 Sam.17.) The stones weren't magical, but David's faith in God overpowered the giant.

The next time we face overwhelming fear, David prays we have the childlike faith to cross the deep end and entrust ourselves to God. God will help us!

Prayer: Dear God, whenever we are afraid, help us to trust you with childlike faith, in Jesus' name. Amen.


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