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Searching for the Lord

"Ask, and you will be given what you ask for. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened. For everyone who asks, receives. Anyone who seeks, finds. If only you will knock, the door will open. If a child asks his father for a loaf of bread, will he be given a stone instead? If he asks for fish, will he be given a poisonous snake? Of course not! And if you hardhearted, sinful men know how to give good gifts to your children, won't your Father in heaven even more certainly give good gifts to those who ask him for them? Matthew 7:7-11 (TLB)

Growing up in a Christian family, Lairam Lian Thang, from Yangon, Myanmar, attended church regularly; she knew the Bible, salvation, and Christian teachings. Still, she felt that she didn't know God; she just understood the faith like anything else she learned in school. If someone asked her if she was "born again," she would say yes, but she really could not explain how.

Once when she was depressed and longing for God, she heard a testimony from a pastor. He said that he found God when he began searching for God's Holy Spirit. At that time, Lairam prayed to God; she wanted to know God and to have a relationship with God. Each day she prayed for God's Holy Spirit to fill her, and she talked to God in her heart constantly. After three days, Lairam began to feel a sense of peace.

Now when she reads the Bible, it is not the same as before. The Holy Spirit helps her understand its meaning. Lairam enjoys being in God's presence. She used to be a shy person, but God has helped her become braver and speak out about God's greatness. Lairam wants to encourage others who are not sure about their faith to keep praying for God's Holy Spirit to fill them. When we search with all our heart we will find God.

Prayer: Dear God, give us a heart that hungers for you. Fill us with your Holy Spirit, in Jesus' name. Amen.


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