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Prepare Him Room

Read Isaiah 40:1-11

In October 1975 Betty J. Smith, from Washington, had a near-fatal car accident and suffered a dislocated hip, a wounded knee, broken ribs, and facial lacerations. After multiple surgeries and two weeks in the hospital, Betty was released to recuperate.

When Advent arrived, memories of past Christmases engulfed Betty: gift-giving, letter-writing, baking, candy-making, pageants, parties, cantatas, caroling, and special worship services. Betty laid in bed with a tear-stained face and cried out, "Dear God, how will I ever get ready for Christmas?" Then familiar words sprang into her mind, "Let every heart prepare him room." Betty realized that the only preparation she truly needed was to prepare her heart to receive Christ anew.

And what blessings she received! Her children were close by and helpful. She embraced the help of her sisters in Christ who worked around her home. She discovered ways to minister while she recuperated at home. When she was able to get around on crutches, she attended three events that made her Christmas season feel complete. Let us truly hear and respond to the call to prepare room for Christ in our hearts.

Prayer: All thanks and praise to you, Holy One, for the precious gift of Jesus Christ. Open our hearts to accept Christ anew and serve him joyfully as we pray in His precious name. Amen.


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