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"No More"

Read Mark 5: 21-34 - the story of the woman who touched the robe of Jesus and was healed.

Bronwyn Ashton Winch lives in Queensland, Australia. "No more!" Bronwyn cried to her father after yet another failed medical treatment. She no longer wanted to be disappointed by the medical treatments that made her feel worse and professionals who did not seem to understand her condition. Bronwyn was tired of being limited by her health - isolated and unable to work, exercise, care for herself, or enjoy hobbies and activities she once relished.

Her experiences have given Bronwyn an affinity for the woman in today's scripture reading. She had been bleeding for 12 years and had been ostracized by society. She had spent all her money seeking medical help, yet her condition only grew worse. But when she reached out and touched Jesus' cloak, she was made well. Her relief, gratitude, and joy must have been overwhelming!

Bronwyn has lived with chronic, disabling pain for 30 years, but the courage of this woman reminds her that she always has hope in Jesus. God can use her circumstances to lead her toward spiritual maturity and to help others reach out to Jesus. Whether she offers help through a word of encouragement, a prayer, or a listening ear, Jesus is at work. Bronwyn only needs the courage to reach out and touch his cloak.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the hope we have in Jesus. We pray in His precious name. Amen.


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