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Making Time

Oh, how I love them (your laws). I think about them all day long. They make me wiser than my enemies, because they are my constant guide. Yes, wiser than my teachers, for I am ever thinking of your rules. They make me even wiser than the aged.

I have refused to walk the paths of evil for I will remain obedient to your Word. No, I haven't turned away from what you taught me; your words are sweeter than honey. And since only your rules can give me wisdom and understanding, no wonder I hate every false teaching. Psalms 119: 97-104 (TLB)

For if you wander beyond the teaching of Christ, you will leave God behind; while if you are loyal to Christ's teachings, you will have God too. Then you will have both the Father and the Son. 2 John 1:9 (TLB)

K.L. McKee lives in Colorado. At their mountain cabin, nestled among the quaking aspen, they have a small pond. Every summer a family of ducks with several ducklings nests in the pond's cattails, and they spend a lot of time watching them from their deck.

One day K.L. watched as the ducklings played. Some of them explored on their own and then rushed to catch up; several scurried ahead, not waiting for their mother; and a few stayed beside the mama, mimicking her every move.

It occurred to K.L. that their actions resembled her walk with God over the years. Many times, she would lose focus, letting her Bible study and time with God take second place to more "urgent" matters. Eventually, she would realize her need to focus on God, so she'd hurry to catch up, hoping she hadn't missed God's message for her. Other times, K.L. would be trying to get on to the next thing, so she would rush ahead in her studies, not taking the time to meditate on scripture and its meaning. But when K.L. has stayed anchored to God's side, following God's leading and studying scripture, she has been rewarded. Whenever she takes time to hear God's voice in God's word, she finds her faith is stronger and more fruitful.

Prayer: Faithful God, help us to block out distractions and take time to walk with you, anchoring ourselves in your word, in Jesus' name. Amen.


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