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It's All In the Family

Read 1 John 3:11-18

But if someone who is supposed to be a Christian has money enough to live well, and sees a brother in need, and won't help him - how can God's love be within him? Little children, let us stop just saying we love people; let us really love them, and show it by our actions. 1 John 3:17-18 (TLB)

Ruth Gunter Mitchell, from Alabama, hates to admit it, but her children and grandchildren are not perfect. But even though Ruth may not always agree with or approve of their actions, she will forever love them unconditionally. Ruth considers herself a tolerant person, but she doesn't appreciate it when others want to harm or criticize her family. In those times, Ruth will speak up even though she is timid.

Because of the intense love Ruth feels for her family, she thinks she has a small understanding of God's love for all of us, God's children. None of us is perfect, but we are all God's creation. When Ruth wants to be critical or judgmental of others, she tries to remind herself that she would not appreciate hateful remarks about her own family. She needs to have the same respect to God's children.

Furthermore, as a parent and grandparent, nothing thrills her more than when others recognize the goodness of her family and gives them support and affection. As imperfect as we all are, Ruth believes God is truly pleased when we see and appreciate the good in God's children.

Prayer: Dear Father, thank you for loving us all as your children. We pray that you will guide us to love all your children as you have loved us, in Jesus' name. Amen.


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