Which path?

Happy are all ho perfectly follow the laws of God. Happy are all who search for God, and always do his will, rejecting compromise with evil, and walking only in his paths. You have given us your laws to obey - oh, how I want to follow them consistently. Then I will not be disgraced, for I will have a clean record.

After you have corrected me I will thank you by living as I should! I will obey! Oh, don't forsake me and let me slip back into sin again.

Make me walk along the right paths for I know how delightful they really are. Psalms 119: 1-8; 35 (TLB)

Lorilee Guenter lives in Saskatchewan, Canada. They consulted maps and considered terrain and distance before their group of ten family members embarked on a moderate hike to a mountain lookout. A few meters from the trailhead the path branched off in different directions. They turned left. The hike became more and more difficult. None of the expected trail markers appeared. They reasoned that the wide path did not need markers, so they kept climbing. At the top of a long climb the path branched again with no markers. Their rising doubts peaked. Did they take the correct path? Two people went ahead to survey the area and discovered that the path to their right matched their expectations with a gentle climb and level areas.

They had chosen the wrong path, which had led them to a challenging and potentially dangerous climb. But when they changed course, they returned to the correct path.

In today's scripture reading, the psalmist uses God's law, words, and instructions as a road map to life. Repeatedly the psalmist writes of how God guides his steps and makes his path level. Without God's law our steps slip and our days become a struggle. Thankfully, we are not doomed to the wrong path forever. God makes a way for us to return to the path that leads us where God would have us go.

Prayer: Dear God, give us wisdom each day to follow your way and guide us to stay on the right path, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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