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When the Storms Are Big

Read Isaiah 41:8-10

When Tumi Mogodi, from South Africa, learned she was pregnant, she and her husband were scared. Tumi had had previous pregnancies end in miscarriage, and just before this she had an ectopic pregnancy.Given her history, her doctor immediately prescribed hormone supplements. Her husband insisted they get them before they went home. He did not want to take chances.

When they got home, Tumi climbed into bed, scared and in tears. She prayed to God that she would be able to keep this baby. She thought that she would feel better after praying, but nothing changed. She decided to search for a scripture that would help her overcome her fear. She desperately wanted reassurance from God. That's when she came across Isaiah 41:10. Tumi decided she would read and meditate on that verse daily. She wrote it on sticky notes and put them on her walls, and she made it her phone wallpaper.

In time she started believing what she was reading. She trusted that throughout this pregnancy, God would be with her regardless of the outcome. To exercise her faith, she started buying baby items. By then she had no doubt that she would carry her baby in her arms. Tumi had a smooth pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Prayer: Dear God, when we are scared and worried, remind us to turn to you and your promises in scripture, in Jesus' name. Amen.


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