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What God Has Done

Read Deuteronomy 26:1-11

The Egyptians mistreated us and we cried to the Lord God. He heard us and saw our hardship, toil, and oppression, and brought us out of Egypt with mighty miracles and a powerful hand. He did great and awesome miracles before the Egyptians, and has brought us to this place and given us this land "flowing with milk and honey!" And now, O Lord, see, I have brought you a token of the first of the crops from the ground you have given me. The place the samples before the Lord your God, and worship him. Afterwards, go and feast on all the good things he has given you. Celebrate with your family and with any Levites or migrants living among you. Deuteronomy 26: 6-11 (TLB)

Andrew Michael Ardoin lives in Louisiana. For more than a year Andrew has been preparing to shift to full-time ministry. He anticipated relying heavily on his savings for the first few years of ministry, but recent changes in the economy have introduced new levels of uncertainty: Will I be able to afford to quit my current job? Will God provide? Andrew has considered reducing his tithe to the church in order to pay for his ministry.

In the midst of his worry, his pastor read Deuteronomy 26 before their church's offering, and Andrew was struck by its perspective. Many Bible passages about tithing assure us that God will provide. In this passage, the giver declares what God has already done.

As Andrew thought about this change in perspective, he realized that God has done great things in his life. God is his Creator and Redeemer, so Andrew can trust that God's provision will extend into the future. God has called Andrew into full-time ministry. Of this, he is certain. And because God called him, God will provide.

When Andrew centers his thoughts on this truth, the economy no longer worries him. Of course, he has financial needs. But God has been and will be faithful. When he declares how the Almighty has already provided, Andrew's heart finds certainty in an uncertain time.

Prayer: Dear God, help us to remember how you have provided for us in the past and to trust you with the future. Bless our tithes so that they may bless others, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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