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Wait for the Lord

But the eyes of the Lord are watching over those who fear him, who rely upon his steady love. He will keep them from death even in times of famine! We depend upon the Lord alone to save us. Only he can help us, he protects us like a shield. No wonder we are happy in the Lord! For we are trusting him. We trust his holy name. Yes, Lord, let your constant love surround us, for our hopes are in you alone. Psalms 33: 18-22 (TLB)

That is why I wait expectantly, trusting God to help, for he has promised. Psalm 130:5 (TLB)

Ariana Lizbeth Villalobos Yanez lives in Morelos, Mexico. When she became a Christian, her life changed. She developed a deep yearning to know more about Christ and to study God's word. Every day she set aside time for study and reflection. Everything seemed to be going well until her health began to deteriorate. Ariana was in the prime of her life, and she could not understand why this was happening.

After consulting with several doctors and incurring medical bills, her savings began to dwindle. Early one morning on the bus ride to work, Ariana looked out the window and noticed the dry, brown grass along the route. The unforgiving sun and the heat had withered it. She felt the same way - beaten down and sad because of the adversity she now faced. Still, throughout this time, Ariana continued to meditate on God's word and pray for healing.

Several months passed, and then the rains came. She continued to ride the bus to work and watched as the grass along the road became a vibrant green. after a bleak dry season, she saw God's miracle in the healthy new growth of green grass. In the same way, God renews and gives new life and strength to us. God heard Ariana's prayers. Even in adversity, God's abiding love and mercy are always present.

Prayer: Eternal God, help us as we wait and trust in you to learn from the lessons life provides, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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