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Unity in Christ

Read John 17: 17-26

"I am not praying for these alone but also for the future believers who will come to me because of the testimony of these. My prayer for all of them is that they will be of one heart and mind, just as you and I are, Father - that just as you are in me and I am in you, so they will be in us, and the world will believe you sent me." John 17: 20-21 (TLB)

Therese Marszalek lives in Minnesota. Seeing a huge, disorganized group of ducks flying overhead, Terese pulled to the side of the road to get a better look. She witnessed three groups merge into a giant V formation. The newly formed flock then stayed together, at times changing positions but keeping in formation. When one bird fell behind, two others fell back with it until they were able to rejoin the group and return to their original positions. What a sight to behold!

This kind of unity doesn't always come so naturally for brothers and sisters in Christ. But imagine what could be accomplished if all the members of God's flock embraced their role, knowing that everyone is critical to the success of the flock arriving at its destination. Imagine if all joined in unity, striving and surrendering themselves to God's purpose.

Being in unity isn't just possible, it's God's desire and plan. Jesus prayed for his disciples to be one as Jesus and his Father were one and later sent the Holy Spirit to empower and bond us. God wants us to embrace our place in the flock. If brothers or sisters in Christ fall behind, God calls us to help restore them to their place.

When Christians lay aside differences and focus on being one in Christ, working together for God's purpose, the possibilities are endless!

Prayer: Father God, help us to walk in unity with our brothers and sisters in Christ, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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