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Trusting God

Read Luke 1: 26-45 - the angel appears to Mary

"For every promise from God shall surely come true." Luke 1:37 (TLB)

Festus Muinde is from Nairobi, Kenya. A brilliant shock of lightning flashed across the pitch-dark shy. A deafening thunderclap followed. Festus trembled, feeling exposed and vulnerable as the light flashed through the cracks of the grass-thatched mud house where they slept. Festus wedged himself into a corner to evade the raindrops of the heavy downpour. He momentarily forgot about his hunger, even though he had only porridge for dinner. Sleeping with an empty stomach was common in their family. Festus was overwhelmed by a feeling of hopelessness.

"Musee," his prayerful grandmother mumbled, "don't worry about our current state; trust God who created you, for nothing is impossible with God. You will own a decent shelter and eat your fill." Our devout grandmother Kiima advised us to work hard and to trust in God. She said God would deliver them. "But how? When?" Festus asked. Nonetheless, Festus believed her; he trusted God, and he worked hard.

God has been faithful. Despite hardships, Festus passed his school examinations. He enrolled in a renowned university and graduated with a first-class honors degree. Their family now lives decently, and he is writing a thesis for his master's degree in communication studies. What a testament to God's power! Even when life seems hopeless, we can have faith that nothing is impossible with God.

Prayer: O God, help us to believe in your saving power, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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