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The Power of Words

Read James 3:7-18 - the taming of the tongue.

May my spoken words and unspoken thoughts be pleasing even to you, O Lord my Rock and my Redeemer.

Psalms 19:14 (TLB)

Words are powerful. Some words are a balm to our soul, while other words cut like a sharp knife. In an environment where God's Spirit does not abound, hurtful or destructive words often prevail.

Followers of Christ are called to reflect our faith in word and deed. Our teacher, Jesus, spoke words of comfort where there was loss, forgiveness, where there was fault, solution where there was conflict, life where was death, peace and hope where was fear and anxiety. On several occasions Jesus spoke with compassion that changed lives forever.

Today, someone we know may need to hear words of hope, faith, and life. We can follow Jesus' example and use the power of words to share the good news.

Written by Julianis Baez de Pichardo from the Dominican Republic.

Prayer: Fine-tune our words, O God, so that others will know that we are followers of Christ, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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