The Power of Solitude

The next morning he was up long before daybreak and went out alone into the wilderness to pray. Mark 1:35 (TLB)

But he often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer. Luke 5:16 (TLB)

Most humans yearn for group interaction, so it can be considered odd to delight in solitude. But the "odd" people stand out. They break away from the herd by doing something different.

Many of us desire to always be part of some conversation or part of the collective in some way. We can't stand to be alone. We may not know what to do with ourselves, or we just have FOMO (fear of missing out). Maybe we are afraid of being alone with our thoughts. But why should we fear being alone?

Jesus regularly withdrew from his disciples to pray and be alone with God. If even Jesus, who was the Son of God, found it necessary to have periods of solitude, how much more do we need it with all the digital noise constantly around us?

Following Jesus' example by making time to be alone to think or pray or simply be still can reenergize us and help us live life fully. Submitted by Thando Meck from Harare, Zimbabwe.

Prayer: Dear God, help us to find periods of solitude and to use that time to grow nearer to you, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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