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Stormy Weather

Read Psalm 147:7-18

Sing out your thanks to him; sing praises to our God, accompanied by harps. He covers the heavens with clouds, sends down the showers and makes the green grass grow in mountain pastures. He feeds the wild animals and the young ravens cry to him for food. The speed of a horse is nothing to him. How puny in his sight is the strength of a man. But his joy is in those who reverence him, those who expect him to be loving and kind. Psalm 147: 7-11 (TLB)

Betty White Coleman lives in Mississippi. As she watched the local news channel on the official start date of hurricane season, the weather forecaster gave advice about what to do and not do during a hurricane. Just hearing the number of hurricanes predicted for the year caused Betty to pause and pray. Stormy weather frightens her. When she hears forecasts for damaging winds, rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, or other inclement weather, She starts praying - asking God to protect her, her family, her city, and her state.

But storms don't come every day. Some days God gives us gentle rains, bright sunshine, or a blanket of beautiful snow. Without these changes we could not enjoy seasonal flowers, lush grass; or beautiful forests. Such weather also blesses the farmland that provides us with food and material for clothing. Rain fills the ponds, lakes, and rivers, and snow covers the slopes so we can enjoy many outdoor activities. Betty thanks God for the natural beauty of the land and for the provision of food, clothing, and recreation.

As today's scripture reading reminds us, God delights in those who hope in God's unfailing love. Whatever the forecast may be, we can trust our Creator, and this trust can bring us into a closer relationship with God.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us to trust in you. Whatever the weather, we know your purpose is for our good and for your glory, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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