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Still Creating

Read Psalm 8

Then God looked over all he had made, and it was excellent in every way. Genesis 1:31 (TLB)

Jerry Browning lives in Arizona. While he doesn't consider himself to be an expert on gardening, he does enjoy his small planter and border flower gardens. He read about how to maintain his plants, and he tries to keep them free of weeds and watered according to their needs. It occurred to him one day as he saw the beginnings of some blooms on his angelonia that through that plant, he was given the gift of watching God in the creation process.

For most of his life, Jerry has thanked God for the things God has created - the earth, its plants and animals, the universe - with the mentality that it is all past. But as he watched his plants blooming, he is reminded that God is still creating.

Jerry finds new blessings when he sees a colorful sunset, a falling star, a lunar eclipse, healing within a troubled family, or a new start after forgiveness. A multitude of blessings surround him as God's creation continues. And as God said in Genesis, "It is very good."

Prayer: Dear God, we pray that your Holy Spirit will keep us aware of the creation that continues to flourish around us. Help us remember that "it is very good." In Jesus' name. Amen.

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