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Sing Praise

Read Acts 16:25-40 - Paul and Silas in jail

Sing a new song to the Lord telling about his mighty deeds! For he has won a mighty victory by his power and holiness. Psalm 98:1 (TLB)

As a child Sandra Godfrey, from Georgia, lived in a small house with five sister, one brother, and her parents. They all shared many chores - cooking, hanging laundry to dry, and caring for the younger children. Her parents, however, brightened their chores with music. When Mom sang spiritual songs in the kitchen or Daddy played guitar on the porch, the family would sing along. In time, they bought an old upright piano and learned to play. From those songs, Sandra learned to turn her attention to Jesus when life grows difficult and to talk to God and meditate on scripture often.

In Paul's letter to the Ephesians, he encouraged God's people to sing (see Eph. 5:19). Maybe he was recalling the incident from Acts 16 when he and Silas were imprisoned in Philippi. At midnight, when Paul and Silas sang hymns, an earthquake shook the prison, the doors opened, and their chains fell off.

Now, many years later, Sandra listens to inspirational music at lunch and finds peace. In late afternoons, she plays piano and finds joy. On sleepless nights, she recalls songs from her childhood and finds rest. We can find comfort when we sing praise to God.

Prayer: Holy God, thank you for accepting our praise, offered through joyful songs. Thank you for bringing us peace, joy, and rest through music, in Jesus name. Amen.


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