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Remembering God's Word

Read Psalm 23: 1-6

For whatever God says to us is full of living power; it is sharper than the sharpest dagger; cutting swift and deep into our innermost thoughts and desires with all their parts, exposing us for what we really are. Hebrews 4:12 (TLB)

Monna Canida Brauer lives in Missouri. When she was in the fifth grade she attended a one-room country school. Once a year they had Achievement Day with contests for spelling and penmanship, among others. To prepare for the penmanship contest, they were given a poem to practice writing. That year it was Psalm 23. Monna wrote it over and over, hoping to earn a prize ribbon - but actually gaining something more important.

Years later Monna was married and expecting her first child. The closer her due date come, the more anxious she felt. Monna asked God to be with her and for her child to be safe. The night she went into labor Monna felt a surprising peace. At the hospital Psalm 23 suddenly came to her in its entirety, even though she hadn't read it in years. She had written it so many times back in fifth grade it was in her memory! Now God was using those words to bring her assurance and peace. In that moment she felt God's presence strongly. She knew whether she lived or died that she was in God's care and that everything would be all right.

This experience and Psalm 23 has stayed with her all her life, giving her assurance time and time again. Through the years Monna has memorized other scripture, giving God the opportunity to speak through them too.

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, thank you for speaking to us through scripture so that we can feel your presence, guidance, and love, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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