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Reason to Celebrate

Read John 6:47-59 - communion

When Adhiambo E. Ochien'g, from Nairobi, Kenya, was a child, though his family was Christian, they didn't celebrate Christmas. He remembers seeing families going to church on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, singing carols, gathering to celebrate, and doing all the merry things; but not them.

When Adhiambo asked why they celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus but not his birth, he was told that Jesus wasn't born non December 25th; but they didn't celebrate his birth on any other day either. It was like he had never been born.

Now as an adult, Adhiambo is learning to fully celebrate Christmas, embracing it as a time to remember Jesus' birth and his coming to dwell among us. Celebrating Christmas reminds him of the forgiveness and redemption we have received through Jesus' sacrifice. This festive season gives Adhiambo the perfect opportunity to share with others the material and spiritual gifts he has received from Jesus, the Bread of Life, and to invite them to feast on the living bread of Jesus with him.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you for coming into the world. We love you and pledge to follow you always in Jesus' name. Amen.

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