O God, have pity, for I am trusting you! I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings until this storm is past. I will cry to the God of heaven who does such wonders for me. He will send down help from heaven to save me, because of his love and his faithfulness. He will rescue me from these liars who are so intent upon destroying me. I am surrounded by fierce lions - hotheads whose teeth are sharp as spears and arrows. Their tongues are like swords. Lord, be exalted above the highest heavens! Show your glory high above the earth. Psalms 57: 1-5 (TLB)

Danielle Ripley-Burgess lives in Missouri. When she was diagnosed with cancer at age 17, it came as a total shock. Her friends were taking placement tests and applying for college scholarships while Danielle was fighting for her life. Although cancer was scary, She felt a quiet confidence that she would survive. As she counted down the days until her final treatment, Danielle began to dream about her future and wonder how God would use her sickness for good.

Several years later, a national cancer nonprofit offered her a job connecting and supporting other cancer survivors across the country. When Danielle shared her personal story, it gave other survivors hope. She'd often reflect on how God steered her in a direction where she could use her experience fighting cancer to encourage others. She found purpose despite all the pain.

In today's reading, King David has experienced a disaster - his life was also at stake. Yet as he struggled, he took refuge in God, and by doing so he remembered that God had a purpose for his life.

When we find ourselves facing disaster, we may be tempted to lose trust in the promise that God has good plans for us. But scripture reminds us that God can work through our struggles to bring our purpose to light. We all have a story to tell. It may not be cancer, but it may be some other struggle that many people are going thru. How can you share your story that it might bring comfort and encouragement to someone else going thru a similar problem?

Prayer: Father God, help us to take refuge in you and remember that our lives have purpose when we live them following your truth. Give us the courage and strength to share our life story with others who just be waiting to hear that they are not alone in their struggle, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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