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Our Shield

Read Psalm 3:1-8

Susan E. Brooks lives in Kentucky. Years ago, her family moved to Mozambique to do mission work. The poverty they witnessed often broke their hearts, but singing with their neighbors in church always moved them from worry to faith and trust. One of Susan's favorite worship songs that they learned from their Mozambican friends translates to something like "Daniel prayed to God, and the lions licked him." In the song;s original language, the rhythm is energizing, and the catchy tune always encourages singing and dancing.

The song invites people to celebrate the power of God that can shut the lion's mouth. As the psalmist writes, God is our shield and defender, the lifter of our heads. When we focus on our Creator's power, our worries are put in perspective.

Being in communion with God in worship is one way to stay focused on our Creator despite the troubles we face. When Susan sings in church, she sees herself as a little girl and God as her loving parent who lifts her head high. Susan gazes into her Creator's eyes and trust that nothing can harm her as long as she is surrounded by God, her shield.

Prayer: Dear God, help us to stay focused on you in a world full of worries, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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