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One Day At a Time

Read Psalm 55:1-8, 16-19

But I will call upon the Lord to save me - and he will. I will pray morning, noon, and night, pleading aloud with God; and he will hear and answer. Though the tide of battle runs strongly against me, for so many are fighting me, yet he will rescue me. God himself - God from everlasting ages past - will answer them! For they refuse to fear him or even honor his commands. Psalm 55:16-19 (TLB)

When Mark A. Carter, from Oregon, lost his job, his family lost their only source of income. Anxiety and worry overcame Mark, and he felt the weight of the world on him. The only thought in his mind was, What now?

Mark had always read his Bible daily, and as he read the many passages about worry, he remembered what he had always known but had temporarily forgotten: When we trust God, life will not break us. All troubles are temporary, but God's loving care lasts forever. Knowing this and living according to this truth made all the difference. Instead of worry driving us apart, their family grew closer, and they learned how to adapt and overcome. A better and calmer outlook on life made it easier to endure hardship, make new friends, and build a new life from the wreckage of the old.

Eventually Mark did get another job and got back on his feet. And while he would not like to go through the experience again, he learned a valuable lesson that he might not have in any other way. Worrying about what might be down the road can only hurt us, but trust in the Lord always heals us - one step and one day at a time.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for assuring us that we never have to be consumed by worry because you will meet our deepest needs, in Jesus' name. Amen.


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