Noble Work

Read Genesis 4: 6-22

Lamech married two wives - Adah and Zilah. To Adah was born a baby named Jabal. He became the first of the cattlemen and those living in tents. His brother's name was Jubal, the first musician - the inventor of the harp and flute. To Lamech's other wife, Zillah, was born Tubal-cain. He opened the first foundry forging instruments of bronze and iron. Genesis 4: 19-22 (TLB)

Whatever you do, you should do it all for God's glory. 1 Corinthians 10:31 (CEB)

Jody Williams is from Illinois. Recently some local high school students were returning home from a math competition when the brakes went out on their bus. The driver took her foot off the accelerator and slowly made her way to the shoulder of the road, eventually stopping just a few feet from a ditch. Then she called for help and kept an eye on the students until help arrived. This experienced driver was praised for staying calm in a dangerous situation and for acting on her training.

Jody thought about how bus drivers don't usually receive accolades for their work, even though they have an extremely important job. Many of our daily tasks seem mundane, and it's only during events like these that we learn to appreciate the people who carry them out.

Genesis 4:19-22 speaks of the descendants of Cain and the talents God gave them. Among these gifts were raising live-stock, playing instruments, and working with metal. These gifts don't seem like holy callings in themselves, but any task done for the Lord becomes a noble one. Paul teaches us, "Whatever you do, you should do it all for God's glory." When we heed these words, we invite God to use us to draw others to our Creator, even when our work seems mundane.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us always to remember to use our talents for your glory, in Jesus' name, amen.

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