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No Kindness Too Small

Read Acts 2:32-35

When you help the poor you are lending to the Lord - and he pays wonderful interest on your loan!

Proverbs 19:17 (TLB)

Wayne Holland lives in Nevada. One day when he was in line at the grocery store, a woman was looking to see how much money she had. Sadness grew on her face as she saw she did not have enough to cover everything. She ended up having to leave a couple of items behind. As she walked away, the person right behind her told the cashier to put her remaining groceries on his tab. The Box boy grabbed the groceries and chased after the woman as she left. A few minutes later she came bounding back into the store, thanking everyone she could find for helping with her purchase. She never found the person who actually bought those last couple of items, but he saw her and had a big smile on his face.

Jesus wants his followers always to look for opportunities to serve, to"pass his love forward." For that man the amount of money he spent for the woman;s groceries may not have been very much; but to her, it was significant. Wayne doesn't think anything can truly be called a "small kindness." What we may consider insignificant might move someone from sadness to hope. As Christians we should understand that no matter how small the kindness we exhibit, it can be magnified many times over by God to change someone's life.

Prayer: Dear Lord, strengthen us to show your love and kindness to everyone we meet, in Jesus' name. Amen.


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