My Neighbors

Read Luke 10:25-37 The story of The Good Samaritan

"Now which of these would you say was a neighbor to the bandits' victim?"

The man replied, "The one who showed him some pity."

Then Jesus said, "Yes, now go and do the same." Luke 10:36-37 (TLB)

Lori Hulvey lives in Illinois. She had called the help line to fix a computer problem and was placed on hold. The music began to play while she was waiting. Not being a person who wastes time, she decided to read one of her devotionals for the day. The story was about a woman who realized her prayer life was focused too much on herself and her needs. She prayed to be able to broaden her prayer focus. While she was out for a walk, she began to pray for neighbors she did not know well and even strangers.

As she continued to wait, Lori took her idea and began to pray for the man who was helping her. She was sure he often has to deal with people who are displeased and difficult to satisfy. Lori prayed he would come to know God if he didn't already. When their call concluded, Lori thanked him for his professionalism and wished him a good day. Even though she didn't know him personally, God considers him her neighbor. God desires to hear our concerns and prayers every day and wants to guide us, heal us, and forgive us. Our prayers can extend beyond our family or community and include everyone in the whole world. They are all our neighbors.

Prayers: Dear Lord, help us extend our prayers to include people and situations we don't know well so that we can learn to embrace all people as our neighbors, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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