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Love Your Neighbors

"How can we make up to you for what we've done?" you ask. "Shall we bow before the Lord with offerings of yearling calves?"

Oh, no! For if you offered him thousands of rams and ten thousands of rivers of olive oil - would that please him? Would he be satisfied? If you sacrificed your oldest child, would that make him glad? Then would he forgive your sins? Of course Not!

No, he has told you what he wants, and this is all it is: to be fair and just and merciful, and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:6-8 (TLB)

Stella Ting lives in Hong Kong, China. In April 2020, she started cooking food every Wednesday for people in her community who were living on the streets. When she prepares stir-fry, the shallot, ginger, and spring onion fills their whole house with good smells. The natural colors of different vegetables - green, red, purple, brown - decorate the dishes and entice her husband to join Stella in preparing the food. After cutting the roast chicken, he places it into the box, arranging it like a five-star hotel chef would.

This is how we show God's love and share it with others, filling their life with joy and harmony. Everyone wants to be loved. It only takes a small act. When we give a little time, we can help make a big difference in others' lives. People who give also receive happiness and love. When we give to and love each other, we can create a more beautiful world.

Prayer: O Lord, help us to show your love and mercy to others, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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