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Living Signs

"You are the world's light - a city on a hill, glowing in the night for all to see. Don't hide your light! Let it shine for all; let your good deeds glow for all to see, so that they will praise your heavenly Father." Matthew 5:14-16 (TLB)

Then God said, "Let bright lights appear in the sky to give light to the earth and to identify the day and the night; they shall bring about the season on the earth, and mark the days and years." Genesis 1:14 (TLB)

Benjamin Ankrah is from Ashanti Region, Ghana. When he thinks of signs that keep people safe or offer guidance, he first thinks of traffic lights, lighthouses, and billboards. But we often forget how much more valuable we are as signs that have the potential to show others the hope, joy, and direction God can give to them. In a world where there is so much despair and hopelessness, living, practical signs and beacons of hope are important for us all to hold on to.

While God is invisible, God has shown us through Jesus Christ how to make God visible for others. We are to be living signs of God's light of love, drawing people from darkness into the light of life. Sharing a loving word and performing acts of kindness serve as openings to God's kingdom for those who have lost hope. And in this way we make the world a bit brighter.

Prayer: O Lord, teach us to be beacons of hope, living signs of your transforming power, and active witnesses to your salvation, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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