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Let Your Light Shine

Moses was up on the mountain with the Lord for forty days and forty nights, and in all that time he neither ate or drank. at that time God wrote out the Covenant - the Ten Commandments - on the stone tablets.

Moses didn't realize as he came back down the mountain with the tablets that his face glowed from being in the presence of God. Because of this radiance upon his face, Aaron and the people of Israel were afraid to come near him.

But Moses called them over to him, and Aaron and the leaders of the congregation came and talked with him. Afterwards, all the people came to him, and he gave them the commandments the Lord had given him upon the mountain. Exodus 34: 28-31 (TLB)

Zach Schaar lives in Ohio. Life with young children is a blessing, but it can also be challenging. Zach and his wife have worked diligently over the years to manage their busy schedule while making sure to incorporate plenty of time with their children in the process.

One of their family activities is grocery shopping. Every other Saturday they drive to a bustling market where the aisles seem more like highway traffic jams. With the girls in the cart, they go up and down the aisles, dodging other shoppers while his wife grabs their items and marks them off the list.

A few weeks ago as they were shopping, a man stopped Zach to compliment their beautiful family. He noticed their playful nature as they sped up and down the busy aisles of the market. His words sank directly into Zach's heart, and he knew God was to thank for them.

When we spend time with God regularly, we will radiate God's goodness, just as Moses did. The joy this man noticed in their family was a result of their time spent with God. Despite our busyness, we can allow God to fill our lives with divine radiance. Just as Moses discovered, we can find great joy in spending time with the Lord.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us to radiate your love to others, wherever we are and wherever we go, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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