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Joy In Sacrifice

Read Matthew 19: 23-30

And anyone who gives up his home, brothers, sisters, father, mother, wife, children, or property, to follow me, shall receive a hundred times as much in return, and shall have eternal life. Matthew 19:29 (TLB)

Dennis Oh lives in Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam. In the summer of 2011, he was in Singapore for what he thought would be a short trip to renew his visa before returning to his mission field in northern India. Dennis was excited to email his sponsoring church and report on his first few months' work, but he was distraught to learn they would not be sending the funds necessary for him to continue missionary service. He came to the painful conclusion that his missionary dreams in India were over.

Dennis had left a trunk in India filled with everything he owned. Now, all his earthly possessions fit in a school bag. He quit mission work and went to Korea, feeling dejected. He was just trying to serve God. Why didn't God provide?

From today's scripture, we learn that serving God can come with the loss of comfort, security, and even future prospects. At the same time, Dennis has learned much from his many and varied experiences. He has gained friends and family; he has lived in several countries without ever lacking shelter, food, or the sweet fellowship of God's people.

When we make sacrifices for God, we gain more than we can imagine, both in this life and most certainly in the life to come.

Prayer: Dear God, give us courage to risk our own comfort so that we can lead others to know the joy that you alone can give. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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