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In Times of Need

Read Genesis 22:1-14 Abraham 's faith is tested by offering his son, Issac, as a sacrifice.

Then Abraham noticed a ram caught by its horns in a bush. So he took the ram and sacrificed it, instead of his son, as a burnt offering on the altar. Abraham named the place "Jehovah provides" - and it still goes by that name to this day.

Genesis 22: 13-14 (TLB)

Eileen Nunez lives in New Jersey. After losing her job due to changes in the economy, she worried about how she would be able to afford essentials like rent and food to feed her significant other and herself. So many thoughts came crashing in on her at once that she began to panic. Eileen told herself to take a deep breath and know that God will provide, just as Abraham told his son in Genesis 22:8.

The Next day the doorbell rang. It was her landlord bringing fresh produce in abundance - carrots, onions, garlic, peppers, and more. Her landlord told Eileen that her friend owned a restaurant that had lots of leftover food. She couldn't bear to see it all go to waste, so she wanted to share her portion of the food with Eileen. Eileen's heart was filled with gratitude. Her landlord cared enough to offer her the food, but also God was gracious and blessed her through the restaurant owner who didn't even know Eileen. Nothing is too big for God, who uses unexpected situations to provide for our needs.

Prayer: Dear God, even when we don't know how things will work out, help us to trust that you care for us and will provide for our needs, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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