Hope of New Life

Read Matthew 6: 25-34 Don't worry about things.

"For there is hope for a tree - if it's cut down it sprouts again, and grows tender new branches. Job 14:7 (TLB)

Alexandre de Azevedo lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Alexandre had returned from the city of Natal, where she had spent seven long years with her family. She was almost 50 years old and was starting over after a failed professional experience. The prospects were not promising. As she was praying about her situation, she noticed that a large tree in the complex where she lived was extremely dry. Sometimes branches fell, putting at risk those who happened to be passing underneath. She saw no hope for that tree and thought it should be cut down.

Spring came, and one morning she went to the balcony to look at the tree again. It was leafy and beautiful, with a huge green canopy! At that moment, she felt God speaking to her heart: "I will do with your life just as I did with this tree." Alexandre's heart was filled with laughter, hope, and trust in God.

Today, Alexandre is a renewed and successful professional. She was reborn after a period of drought. God brought a miracle into her life that turned her story of failure into victory, to the glory of God. God is faithful , immensely good, and delights in the well-being of his children.

Prayer: Unchanging God, help those hearts which are dried up by the failures and hardships of life to find the hope of new life in you, in Jesus' name, amen.

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