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God's Direction

Read Exodus 13:17-22 - God leads his people thru the wilderness.

And if you leave God's paths and go astray, you will hear a Voice behind you say, "No, this is the way, walk here."

Isaiah 30:21 (TLB)

Brian Foster lives in North Carolina. On a recent flight to visit family, he happened to get a window seat. After they had been in the air awhile, Brian took a break from reading and gazed out the window. The sky was clear blue, and he could see all the way to the ground. They were over sections of land that had no signs of life in any direction. However, Brian noticed rivers and streams that flowed between the stretches of land. It struck him that the rivers were all winding - not one river ran straight.

Brian began to think of his life and how it has not run a straight path to where he is today. In today's reading, we see that God did not take Moses and the Israelites on the shortest route to the Promised Land. Instead, God led them so that they could avoid war with the Philistines.

Like a winding river, our lives are filled with circuitous changes of direction. But the good news is that just as the river continues to flow, God's directions will take us where God wants us to be. We have only to trust God on the way.

Prayer: O Lord, thank you for your grace-filled wisdom and guidance. Help us to rely on your directions for our lives and to draw closer to you as we travel the path you intend for us, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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