God Lifts Us

Mordecai the Jew was the Prime Minister, with authority next to that of King Ahasuerus himself. He was, of course, very great among the Jews, and respected by all his countrymen because he did his best for his people, and was a friend at court for all of them. Esther 10:3 (TLB

Far below him are the heavens and the earth; he stoops to look, and lifts the poor from the dirt, and the hungry from the garbage dump, and sets them among princes! Psalm 113: 6-8 (TLB)

Oluwasola Jegede is from Lagos, Nigeria. As she was reading Esther, she found a detail that she previously hadn't noticed. In addition to being praised around the kingdom at the end of the book, Mordecai became King Xerses' second-in-command. And he used his position of power to speak up for the Jewish population, who were exiles and often disenfranchised in Xerses' kingdom. Mordecai was once a powerless man that sat at the gate of the palace, but God lifted him up to become the king's deputy. What a promotion!

The Bible teaches Oluwasola that God wants the best for her. When she encounters struggles, it is not always something she has earned or deserves. Sometimes, her pain is just a process that she is going through. She tries to remember this, especially when life is hard or she feels ashamed. God sees her and will give her everlasting joy in place of shame (Isa. 61:7) With God, we can trust that our weeping and shame is not forever. Our Creator will lift us out of any garbage dump and set us among princes.

Prayer: Dear Lord, you see our pain and our shame. Teach us to have confidence in you to lift us up regardless of our present situation, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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