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God Is Our Guide

Save me, O God, because I have come to you for refuge. I said to him, "You are my Lord; I have no other help but yours." I want the company of the godly men and women in the land; they are the true nobility. Those choosing other gods shall all be filled with sorrow; I will not offer the sacrifices they do or even speak the names of their gods.

The Lord himself is my inheritance, my prize. He is my food and drink, my highest joy! He guards all that is mine. He sees that I am given pleasant brooks and meadows as my share! What a wonderful inheritance! I will bless the Lord who counsels me; he gives me wisdom in the night. He tells me what to do.

I am always thinking of the Lord, and because he is so near, I never need to stumble or fall.

Heart, body, and soul are filled with joy. For you will not leave me among the dead; the grave. You have let me experience the joys of life and the exquisite pleasures of your own eternal presence. Psalm 16:1-11 (TLB)

Nelly R. Reina, from Cordoba, Argentina, remembers one time when her children were young, they walked a maze. They followed the walled path; but when they neared what they thought was the exit, there was another wall. They had to back up and look for another way out. It was a bit difficult to reach the end, but with perseverance they reached the goal.

Life is like a maze. Many times, we ask God why certain things happen to us. We try to grasp difficult situations but are unable to understand them. We hurry here and there looking for the right path. Obstacles stop us in our tracks, and we don't understand why we must backtrack or even face those obstacles in the first place. It becomes crucial to allow God to guide us through the twisting and turning passageways of life so that we can find the path that will lead to the fullness of joy that only God can offer.

Prayer: Almighty God, show us the path that leads to the fullness of joy in you, in Jesus' name. Amen.


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