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God at Work

Read Acts 27: 13-26

The next day the seas grew higher, the crew began throwing the cargo overboard. The following day they threw out the tackle and anything else they could lay their hands on. The terrible storm raged unabated many days, until at last all hope was gone. Acts 27: 18-20 (TLB)

During her son's struggle with addiction, Debbie O'Brien, from North Carolina, often felt her hope fading. She was afraid he would be lost to this terrible evil. Her fear and worry was never-ending and consumed every waking hour. Sometimes she felt she was in the raging storm Paul described in this story from Acts. Debbie was struggling to pray and to trust God.

It must have been like that for the crew and other passengers on the boat with Paul - fearful they would not survive. Without the sun and the moon, they were unable to know where they were. But an angel of God came to Paul and told him not to fear, that all the passengers would survive. With this revelation from God, Paul was able to encourage the passengers and to give them hope.

During her son's struggles, God reassured Debbie that he was at work in her son's life. Her worry and fear did not instantly disappear, but God's reassurance gave her the hope she needed to carry on in prayer, asking God's guidance for how best to help her son. Debbie did not always like the answers she received; but with God's help she was assured that her son was in God's hands.

I have been thru this same struggle with my grandson, Andrew. But I saw the Holy Spirit alive in him, shining out in his love for others even when he was in so much pain. And I received God's reassurance that Andrew was in His loving care, and so when he passed, I was able to find peace, knowing his pain was gone and he was safe in God's hands.

Prayer: Dear God, when the trials of life are overwhelming, help us to remember our hope is in you and that you will never forsake us, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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