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Finding Direction

When I saw this, what turmoil filled my heart! I saw myself so stupid and so ignorant; I must seem like an animal to you, O God. But even so, you love me! You are holding my right hand! You will keep on guiding me all my life with your wisdom and counsel; and afterwards receive me into the glories of heaven! Whom have I in heaven but you? And I desire no one on earth as much as you! My health fails; my spirit droop, yet God remains! He is the strength of my heart; he is mine forever!

But those refusing to worship God will perish, for he destroys those serving other gods.

But as for me, I get as close to him as I can! I have chosen him and I will tell everyone about the wonderful ways he rescues me. Psalm 73:21-28 (TLB)

As a freshman in college, Jan Willson Towne, from Virginia,enrolled in a physical education course titled "Winter Survival Skills." One activity was to learn how to use a compass. One afternoon, the entire class took a bus to a wilderness area with a large lake. They were paired up, told to navigate around the lake using only their compass and a rudimentary map, and to meet the bus on the other side in three hours. Unfortunately, Jan's teammate knew less than he did about how to read and use a compass. They got thoroughly lost. The only reason they finally found the bus was because the bus driver turned on the headlights in the darkness and started honking the horn. Imagine how embarrassed they were when they finally made it back! The rest of the class had been waiting over an hour.

A compass is simply a device that determines direction. Jan never did learn how to use one. But many years later, with the use of a Bible reading plan and a good study Bible, Jan started reading, using, and understanding a different kind of compass - the Bible. The wisdom in scripture guides us in our daily decisions, directs our steps, and leads us safely to our destination - on earth and toward heaven. Every day can be a glorious adventure when we begin by soaking up God's wisdom from scripture!

Prayer: Lord God, thank you for your grace, guidance, and instruction. Help us to seek your direction and follow the path Jesus has set for us, in Jesus' name. Amen.


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