Eternal Life

The woman was surprised that a Jew would ask a "despised Samaritan" for anything - usually they wouldn't even speak to them! - and remarked about this to Jesus.

He replied, "If you only knew what a wonderful gift God has for you, and who I am, you would ask me for some living water!"

"But you don't have a rope or a bucket," she said, "and this is a very deep well! Where would you get this living water? And besides, are you greater than our ancestor Jacob? How can you offer better water than this which he and his sons and cattle enjoyed?"

Jesus replied that people soon became thirsty again after drinking this water. "But the water I give them," he said, "becomes a perpetual spring within them, watering them forever with eternal life." John 4: 9-14 (TLB)

Alberto Jeronimo Quesada is from Santiago, Chile. His wife had a doctor's appointment, so he accompanied her on the bus ride. along the way, they passed a park, and Alberto Noticed a fountain. Perched on its edge were several pigeons who had been drawn to the fresh water fountain to quench their thirst. They drank trustingly, and no one bothered them. It was wonderful to see these creatures enjoy the benefits of readily available water.

After they returned home, during his prayer time with God, the image of the fountain remained with him. Alberto searched the Bible and found today's reading. He felt God was leading him to this message. Just as the pigeons were drinking water trustingly from the fountain, Jesus offers us the gift of the water of eternal life. We will not thirst after worldly things that perish because the living water God offers is eternal. Our spiritual thirst will be satisfied.

Prayer: Giver of life eternal, thank you for offering the gift of living water to satisfy our souls, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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