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Continuing Education

Read Deuteronomy 17:14-20

Victor Carcioppolo, from Ohio, was a health-care clinician for 40 years. To maintain his credentials and remain in good standing, he had to provide his clinical board with annual proficiencies and continuing-education units. This was achieved by attending meetings, reading current articles, teaching, or writing articles.

All of this ensures that practitioners are aware of the ever-changing field of medicine. We should never stop learning, growing, and giving back to the profession.

Victor has discovered our faith walk is similar. We cannot rest on our laurels or think we are finished with learning and training. The words of the Bible do not change, but Victor has found that with each reading, the meaning applies in new ways to his ever-changing life. Growing our faith can happen in many ways - attending church and getting more involved in its ministries, reading the Bible and devotionals, joining small groups, serving others. All of these are vital to the Christian walk. It is exciting to know that as we practice our faith, we continually deepen our relationship with God.

Prayer: Sovereign God, thank you for your loving instructions in the Bible. Help us to learn from your word each time we read. In Jesus' name. amen.

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