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Comfort in Loss

Read John 11:28-37 - Jesus arrives after Lazarus dies.

When Jesus saw her weeping and the Jewish leaders, wailing with her, he was moved with indignation and deeply troubled. "Where is he buried?" he asked them.

They told him, "Come and see." Tears came to Jesus' eyes.

They were close friends," the Jewish leaders said. "See how much he loved him."

John 11: 33-36 (TLB)

"There is nothing more they can do." When Wendy Convillion's daughter told her that her husband was coming home on hospice, she couldn't find the words to pray. How could Wendy put into words the loss of a young life cut short by cancer? How could she explain the sadness of those who loved him? She felt Jesus couldn't understand her pain.

Then Wendy read the passage where Jesus arrived in Bethany after his friend Lazarus died. Even though Jesus would ultimately raise Lazarus and triumph over death, he sat and wept. Jesus knew the pain Wendy felt, and, like her, he cried. Then he dried his eyes and set about comforting others and doing the will of the Father.

Through this loss, Wendy has learned that when she hurts, Jesus hurts. He understands her pain. He doesn't always fix it; sometimes he just sits with her. This knowledge that Jesus understands her grief allows her to lean on him through prayer. She knows that Jesus mourned like her and that she will ultimately be reunited with her loved ones in heaven.

We also need to realize that Jesus understands our pain when we lose a loved one. And God understands our pain when he lost his one and only Son on the cross, but praise God, He was raised on the third day for eternity.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, walk with us through our pain. Help us to take comfort in both your presence and your ultimate victory over death. We pray in Your precious name. Amen.

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