An Invitation

The Lord himself is my inheritance, my prize. He is my food and drink, my highest joy! He guards all that is mine. He sees that I am given pleasant brooks and meadows as my share! What a wonderful inheritance! I will bless the Lord who counsels me, he gives me wisdom in the night. He tells me what to do.

I am always thinking of the Lord; and because he is so near, I never need to stumble or fall.

Heart, body, and soul are filled with joy. For you will not leave me among the dead; you will not allowed your beloved one to rot in the grave. You have let me experience the joys of life and the exquisite pleasures of your own eternal presence. Psalms 16: 5-11 (TLB)

But now you belong to Christ Jesus, and though you once were far away from God, now you have been brought very near to him because of what Jesus Christ has done for you with his blood. Ephesians 2:13 (TLB)

Thomas Jones comes from Florida. One day when Thomas was sitting at his kitchen table, he bent down to pick up a dropped utensil. He noticed a single, tiny ant wandering aimlessly on his ceramic tile floor. It was moving around in erratic circles, each growing larger and larger until the ant happened upon a grout line. The ant then continued along the grout line, following it to the door that led outside. Its tiny body slipped under the door, and it crossed the threshold into the freedom of fresh air.

The ant's meandering course made Thomas think about his life's path. As a young man, he wandered aimlessly through life; he always felt trapped and without direction. It wasn't until his future wife invited him to church that his life changed. That invitation set Thomas on a path to the freedom found only in Christ. Thomas felt calm as he sensed that he was, at last, headed in the right direction. In time, he crossed the threshold to the fresh air of peace, hope, and joy. What a blessing it was to have been shown that path!

Prayer: God of grace and mercy, thank you for giving us a way to you. Help us to show the way to those around us, in Jesus' name, amen.

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