An Important Reminder

The Lord is wonderfully good to those who wait for him, to those who seek for him It is good both to hope and wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.

It is good for a young man to be under discipline, for it causes him to sit apart in silence beneath the Lord's demands, to lie face downward in the dust; then at last there is hope for him. Let him turn the other cheek to those who strike him, and accept their awful insults, for the Lord will not abandon him forever. Although God gives him grief, yet he will show compassion too, according to the greatness of his lovingkindness. For he does not enjoy afflicting men and causing sorrow. Lamentations 3: 25-33 (TLB)

David Angango lives in Nairobi, Kenya. It had rained throughout the night, and the morning felt gloomy and miserable to David. Dirt roads, black with mud, sloshed as he walked to work. His spirit was low.

Then he received news from a friend. His mom had died. She had been seriously ill for some time, but David had not expected her passing. He knew he should pray, but he could not muster a word of prayer. He was even unable to cry, but he was certain that the One who created the universe was with him.

Today what David misses most is something his mom said to him when he left for boarding school at age 12 - and every year after that. Each time David returned home, she would hug him and say, "David, I hope you still go to church." Each time he would answer that he could never forget church.

David was crushed as he worked through his mother's burial arrangements, and he labored through an ensuing depression for three years. But though she was physically absent, the faith that she encouraged in him helped him through his devastation. Now, more than 10 years later, whenever he reads scripture, David finds encouragement from God for the day's challenges.

Thank you for a mom that gave me encouragement too, and for a relationship with God that gets me thru life challenges, especially right now. Judith

Prayer: Dear God, help us to remember that you will never abandon us, no matter the circumstances. Give us strength to persevere in our faith even as we mourn, in Jesus' name. amen.

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