A Room Fully Prepared

"Let not your heart be troubled. You are trusting God, now trust in me. There are many homes up there where my Father lives, and I am going to prepare them for your coming. When everything is ready, then I will come and get you, so that you can always be with me where I am. If this weren't so, I would tell you plainly. And you know where I am going and how to get there." John 14: 1-4 (TLB)

Karan Young lives in Texas. Three days before Thanksgiving she was feeling the full effects of her chemotherapy treatments. Her mother called, full of excitement that Karan and her husband were coming home for the holiday. Karan told her how awful she felt, but her mother told her she would prepare Karan's room for her and give her the best medicine in the world - a mother's love. Two days later Karan's brother called to tell her that Mother had died in her sleep. When Karan arrived at her parents' house, she found her room fully prepared just as her mother had promised. In the kitchen the ingredients were set out to make her favorite pies. Her mother's last acts on earth were finding ways to comfort Karan as she endured her battle with cancer.

In today's reading, as Jesus was about to face a horrible death, he reassured his followers that he would prepare a room for them. Our parents' love for us can be a reminder of the loving sacrifice Jesus made for us. Karan knows that Jesus has a room prepared for her, and she knows that her mother is there waiting for her. As she celebrated Mother's Day last year, she worshiped her Savior and remembered her mother and her great love for Karan. Karan also remembered that Jesus has prepared a room for us all.

Prayer: O God, thank you for human families and the love we can share. Most of all, thank you for Your Son, Jesus Christ, who taught us how to love. Amen.

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