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A Neighborly Surprise

Read Matthew 22: 34-40 - the story of the woman who was married to seven brothers but never had children.

The man wanted to justify (his lack of love for some kinds of people), so he asked, "Which neighbors?"

Luke 10:29 (TLB)

Suzanne Renfro lives in Tennessee. Rain was pouring down, and water and mud from a neighboring farm were cascading down her hillside and pooling in the backyard. Suzanne didn't know these neighbors, and she wondered if they would address the flooding problem or if she would have to find her own solution. She spent a sleepless night going over every scenario, although scripture and God's voice reminded her that she need not worry.

Early the next morning it was still pouring rain, but her neighbors sent her a message saying they had seen the flooding issues and would bring a landscaping professional to assess the situation. They also promised to repair any damage. Suzanne's worries dissolved. She saw God's Spirit at work and her prayers answered. Where she had expected conflict, God had paved the way for cooperation. These neighbors and Suzanne have now formed a wonderful friendship that enriches their lives.

Suzanne wonders what opportunities she has missed because of a harsh word in a tense moment. She is grateful for the example her friends set by responding to a problem in a God-honoring way. Suzanne hopes she will also be that kind of good neighbor. In our strife-riddled world, may we all be instruments of God's peace.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help us remember that we represent you. Let your Spirit guide us so that you can work through us in amazing ways, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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