"Art Style" Omelet

This title is not to imply an "artsy crafty" style omelet. Instead it is named after the cook who, while in Gulfport for about a year, made some of the best omelets.

"French" style omelets are usually somewhat crusty brown on the outside and even slightly "runny" inside (yuck(! The "Art style: omelet is fully cooked, but moist inside with no brown on the outside at all. The secret is a really low cooking temperature and patience. More time and patience than a typical short-order cook is willing or perhaps even able to invest.

You will need: 2-2 1/2 eggs per omelet, well beaten

whole milk or Half 7 Half, about 1/4 cup for two omelets

Pre-cooked meat of your choice: Bacon, Sausage, Ham, etc. (optional).

Shredded cheese (for easier melting). Your choice of Sharp cheddar, mozzarella, provolone, etc.

Butter, to generously coat your non-stick frying pan

Salt, Pepper, or other spices to taste (optional)

To Begin: 1) Gently melt butter in frying pan over low heat.

2) Combine eggs and milk or Half & Half and pour into frying pan.

3) after a few minutes add meat and cheese.

4) Cook on low to med. low for 5-7 minutes, perhaps longer. This is where the patience comes in. You will think nothing is happening. Then slowly the eggs will begin to "jell" or solidify.

5) Run a spatula around the edge of the pan to be certain eggs are not sticking to it.

6) When eggs are "jelled", fold 1/2 of omelet over the other half. This may take two spatulas. If you have made two omelets in one pan, use your spatula to cut the half circle omelet in half creating two 1/4 circle shaped omelets. Check for doneness and serve,

Note: It may take some practice to get cooking temperature low enough not to brown bottom of omelet and yet cook it through to your desired level of "doneness."

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