Gennie's Old Time Fried Chicken

This recipe was handed down from a cook, in Illinois, to Pastor's mother and then to Pastor Jerry. It is a family favorite. All you need is a frying pan, oil, flour and spices. The secret is in the procedure.

You will need: Raw chicken parts, any type you want. Vegetables cooking oil (not olive oil). Pastor uses Crisco; I would suggest Coconut. The following spices: a little salt or none at all, black pepper, leaf Basil, and nutmeg. You may want to experiment with other spices as well. All Purpose Flour.

To begin:

1) Pour cooking oil into a frying pan large enough to hold the cut up chicken parts. Oil should be about one (1) inch deep, a little more if very large pieces.

2) Heat oil over medium or little hotter heat. Wash chicken parts in plain running water to help flour stick to chicken.

3) You are going to need to coat the chicken with spiced flour. You can put the flour and spices in a paper or plastic bag with no holes or you will really make a mess as you shake it to coat the chicken. Lately I have begun to use a bread loaf baking pan. Fill it about 1/2 full with flour and then mix in your spices of salt (I use very little), pepper, goodly amounts of basil and ground nutmeg and perhaps a little garlic powder.

4) Coat the chicken parts with the spiced flour and gently lay them in the heated oil, skin side down.

5) Turn the chicken after about ten (10) minutes of frying. Then turn it back again after another ten (10) minutes of frying. If the pieces are very large this will take longer per side. When chicken is almost done (a sharp tine fork pierces easily all the way to the bone) turn it one last time to skin down for just a few minutes. This will help produce a crispier crust. White meat will probably be done before the dark meat.

6) Remove chicken to drain and cool on paper towels. I put newspaper under the paper towels so grease doesn't soak through to the counter top. Turn on paper towel after 3-4 minutes of draining. I start by draining the skin side first. My Mother always emphasized don't let the chicken parts touch each other during this cooling process.

7) Remove to a platter and serve. It is best if you don't have to hold it at all in the oven to keep it warm (it will stay warm ten (10) minutes or so). A little time in an oven pre-heated to about 250 is OK.

I hope you will try Gennie's fried chicken. Remember a little fried food every once in a while won't hurt most of us.

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