Faith in Action

Love each other like the members of your family. Be the best at showing honor to each other.

Romans 12:10 (CEB)

Sheila Hester,from North Carolina, relates an incident she had at a local restaurant. She saw a group at the table next to hers praying before their meal. What made this so profound is what happened next. The server dropped a plate of food in the lap of one of the neatly dressed women; but instead of becoming angry or calling for the manager, she assured the chagrined server that she was fine. Sheila thought about this for several days. This group displayed their beliefs by praying at their dinner table. But, more importantly, the woman's compassion toward the server clearly demonstrated her faith. This person's kindness was witnesses by dozens of diners.

Often Sheila thinks about that day and how essential practicing kindness and compassion is to the Christian life. However, knowing this is easier than doing it. Our jobs, children, social obligations, and extended family can so fill our minds that we can forget to show these qualities. Sheila prays that others can see Christ in her just as she saw Christ in that group at the restaurant. May we each feel the same way.

Prayer : Gracious Lord, may we be beacons of your light each day. Amen

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