Psalm 120:1 - "I call on the Lord in my distress, and he answers me."

The psalmist begins by telling us he is in distress. Clearly, he has been the victim of lying and deceit (v2). His soul was in pain over what was going on in the world, yet he did not repress his feelings and pretend that he was not feeling the way he did. Many Christians think that admitting to pain and disappointment concerning the way things are is pure negativism. If indulged in, it can become that, but to admit to something is not necessarily to indulge in it. We must not stay there but we must start there. Sometimes we have to be thoroughly disappointed with the way things are before we find the motivation to cast ourselves fully on the Lord.

This might seem a discordant note to strike as we embark on our journey, but the more keenly we allow ourselves to feel the disappointment that the world brings the more motivated we will be to pursue the Christian way.

Prayer: Father, help me see that dissatisfaction with the world is the first step in preparing to set out on a new journey with You. The more disillusioned I am with the world the more my appetite is whetted for grace. I am grateful. Amen.

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